Make the most of your Rutgers experience.

Current Student Services

Rutgers has numerous resources to help students achieve their goals.  These links will direct you to the important services designed to meet the needs of students and enhance their educational experiences. 


Resources to help you navigate the academic experience.

Keep Life Organized

Get organized: get your ID, your bus schedules, and maps.

Housing and Dining

Where to live. Where to eat. Where to do your laundry.

Computer Services

Assistance with email, the internet, and computers.

Financial Aid and Payment Information

Rutgers strives to provide an affordable education.


Explore Rutgers–New Brunswick’s five campuses.

Health,  Wellness, and Safety

Doctors, nurses, and counselors.

Jobs and Careers

Strategize for your future. Develop a career plan, create a resume, and find internships and full-time jobs.