Picture of UCC Adult/Nontraditional Student Affiliates

Meet Nontraditional Students

Picture of Amml Hussein

Amml Hussein, has channeled her love of justice and the law into academic success and service on the University College Council.

Picture of Hitash Patel

Hitash Patel, operates his own business while serving on the Philosophy Honors Society and participating in student government.

Picture of Tana Loy

Tana G. Loy, veteran and wife of an Army officer, is also a co-founder of student group RU-SERVS.

Picture of William Scott McLane

William Scott McLane, five years sober, is six classes away from graduating with a 3.4 GPA.

Picture of Donte Boyer

Donte Boyer, the first NJ PLACE graduate to enter Rutgers' SMLR BS in Labor and Employment Relations degree program.

Picture of Paula Gibson

Paula Gibson works and studies fulltime at Rutgers Off-Campus' Brookdale location.

Picture of Rose Woehr

Rose Woehr, was inspired to return to school after watching her daughter receive her masters degree.

Picture of Bridget Greenleaf

Bridget B. Greenleaf, a widowed Rutgers employee who raised her family and is now able to focus on her degree.

Picture of Roberta Ricks-Gardiner

Roberta Ricks-Gardiner, a part time student who maintains her status as a full-time mom, wife, and employee of the university.

Picture of Elana Aron

Elana Aron, an English major and a mother of 5 returns to Rutgers to complete her degree and shares her experiences with her kids.


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