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“I am very proud to have served my country, and I am determined to serve those who are serving me, the future student Veterans of Rutgers University.” —Jose A. Ramirez

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Online Services for Applying to Rutgers

Rutgers receives applications from people of different ages, interests, and backgrounds. Some adult and nontraditional students have returned to school after a long period of time, and they are committed to earning a degree; other people are starting school for the first time. Some will attend full-time, and others will attend part-time. Some will attend as matriculating students, and others will attend as non-matriculating students.

The following online services will guide students through the various admission procedures at Rutgers- New Brunswick.

New Applicants: If you are a first-year or transfer student applying for the first time to Rutgers, please complete the Undergraduate Admissions Application.

**Note:  International students with prior credits and/or degrees applying to Rutgers must have their educational credentials evaluated for both equivalency to a U.S. Bachelor degree or credits and individual course evaluations and GPA, using a NACES accredited credentialing agency.  For a list of NACES agencies, please visit http://www.naces.org/members.htm.








If you applied during the previous year and paid the application fee, you may reapply without paying the fee again.



Once you have decided to enroll at Rutgers, you can use the enrollment pathway online service site to confirm that you have completed all the necessary steps for placement testing, course registration, housing and dining, financial aid, billing, final transcripts, and other aspects of your enrollment. Information about student life and immunization procedures is also available here.

If you are a currently enrolled undergraduate student working toward a degree who wish to apply for admission to another school within the university should submit the online School-to-School Transfer Application.

If you were previously enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at Rutgers and wish to return to take undergraduate courses for either degree or non-degree study at the School of Arts and Sciences, you should apply for re-enrollment.




If you are interested in continuing your education, the Division of Continuing Education at Rutgers is a hub of lifelong learning, offering a broad variety of options at every stage of your life from youth to retirement, and at every career crossroads, whatever your profession.

  • Summer Session
  • Winter Session
  • Rutgers’ intensive summer and winter terms offer matriculating students the opportunity to fulfill a major requirement and earn credits toward a degree, improve grade point average, or simply learn about a subject of interest.  Non-Rutgers students, including high school students, can also sign up for courses

If you are interested in graduate studies, you can get more information about the graduate programs here at Rutgers.