Antonio Kuilan

Antonio Kuilan realized his dream of pursuing evolutionary anthropology/archeology and geology after being accepted to the Rutgers' School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) in 2012.

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Who Are Nontraditional Students?

The term "nontraditional" is used to identify students who have personal and professional demands on their lives that make it challenging to meet their academic goals.

At Rutgers-New Brunswick, a nontraditional student is defined as an undergraduate student enrolled in a degree-granting school and meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • has been out of HS for 4+ years at the time of first undergraduate registration;Picture showing the stresses of balancing work, school, and family schedules.
  • has had at least a 2-year interruption in their undergraduate education;
  • is a veteran or active duty military service member;
  • is enrolled in a RUNB off-campus or on-line bachelor’s degree completion program;
  • is pursuing post-baccalaureate studies, primarily in undergraduate courses;
  • is a parent/caregiver and/or
  • must take less than 12 credits due to significant non-academic commitments.*

In order to obtain nontraditional student (NT) status, applicants for admission to Rutgers New Brunswick should check the Nontraditional Student box during the on-line application process.  Requests for NT status will be reviewed by the University College and admitted students will be notified that they are approved.

*Significant non-academic commitments may include:  being self-supporting, having to work full-time work (34 hours a week or more based on need), having financial dependents.  Matriculated students whose circumstances change and wish to obtain nontraditional status should contact UC to initiate the application process.