Picture of Elana Aron

Elana Aron, an English major and a mother of 5 returns to Rutgers to complete her degree and shares her experiences with her kids.

Office of the Dean.


Can a nontraditional student (NTS) attend Rutgers full time?

Yes. Many NTS attend fulltime to take advantage of a better financial aid package.

When can a student affiliate as a NTS?

New incoming students have the opportunity to affiliate with UC in the Enrollment Pathway.

Continuing students have the option to affiliate through UC if their circumstances change.

Are all NTS 25 years of age or older?

No. Many of our NTS are 25+, but age is not a sole factor in considering NTS status.

Can a Veteran student be considered a NTS?

Yes. All veterans are considered nontraditional students. 

What are some examples of non-academic commitments?

  • Being self-supporting (as documented at the Rutgers Financial Aid office),
  • Having to work full-time work (34 hours a week or more based on need),
  • Having financial dependents. 
  • Primary caregiver to children or elderly parents
  • Head of Household
  • Has disabilities (as confidentially documented at Rutgers' Disabilities Office)

How does affiliating with UC as a NTS impact a student's record?

Affiliating is solely for administrative tracking to ensure NTS receive services that meet their particular needs.

What are the benefits of affiliating with UC?

UC offers support programs and services as well as advocates inside the larger university to help Rutgers achieve the goal of serving life-long learners.