Carol Cofone (L) with UC Dean Dona Schneider (R)

Carol Cofone took a series of baby steps to get to Rutgers, but was not expecting the big step forward when she was awarded the UC, NB Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship. 

Your journey starts here.

Tips on Applying for Adults/Non-Traditional Students

Adult and nontraditional students may face various challenges associated with college, work, and family responsibilities. The following tips will enable students to streamline their academic responsibilities:

  • Consult with an academic advisor: create a plan for a degree program.  Seek advice regularly to stay on track.
  • Professional documentation: prepare resumes, personal statements, work history, and recommendation letters in advance.
  • Maintain balance: establish reasonable goals and set aside enough time to study.  
  • Develop your academic skills:
    • Refine study skills to achieve your goals.
    • Learn or update your computer and word processing skills using our skills assessments.
    • Learn how to use the electronic library and other web-based resources.
    • Participate in the classroom and in group discussions.
  • Engage family members: discuss your academic plan with family members.
  • Making community connections:
    • Affiliate with UC and be part of the community of adult and nontraditional students.
    • Get to know your teachers, advisors, and the staff of University College.
    • Make connections with other adult and nontraditional students through nontraditional student organizations and honor societies.
    • Participate in special events and activities for adult and nontraditional students
    • Find time to contribute and make a difference on campus.
  • Ask for help: talk to your teachers, advisors, and staff. Learn about the resources available to you and seek help when needed.
  • Schedule time to relax: invest in your well-being. Do things that keep you mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy, and build them into your schedule. Find or create a support group.