Ask Your Adviser

The University College (UC) is a unit dedicated to supporting the enrollment services and administrative needs of the School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) and the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy's (EJB) direct admission Bachelor of Science degree programs.  For questions/concerns involving recruitment, admission, transfer credit evaluation, advising of general education requirements, academic policies, and processing student forms please contact:

University College (UC) - Office of Academic Student Services

Betsy Feliciano-Berrios Dijon M. Coss
Director,       Betsy Feliciano-Berrios
Student Services
Phone: 848-932-1599
Senior Unit       Dijon Coss
Phone: 848-932-1599
Camille DiLeo  
Unit Administrator,       Camille DiLeo
Student Services


For program-specific questions, please contact your school's adviser:

School of Management & Labor Relations (SMLR)

Akhila Naik Amy Marchitto
Student Services   
Academic Adviser       Amy Marchitto
Talia Schank  
Student Adviser   Talia Schank


Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy (EJB)

Christina Torian Abby Stern Cardinale
Assistant Director for       Christina Miller
Undergraduate Advising
Adviser for names J-M &
SCUT students
Bloustein School Civic Square
Building; Room 186

Abby Stern Carindale

Undergraduate Student Services
for names N-Z & Veterans
Bloustein School Civic Square
Building; Room 191
Nicole Martinez  
Coordinator,       Nicole Martinez
Undergraduate Student Services
for names A-I & Student Athletes
Bloustein School Civic Square
Building; Room 189

Off-campus advisers support students while they earn an undergraduate (or graduate) degree at a location near you.  They are dedicated to supporting the enrollment, student support and general academic advising services on behalf of multiple Rutgers’ schools offering programs.  

If you are attending an off-campus location, please contact the support staff at your location:

Rutgers at Atlantic Cape Community College

Jason Jankowski Elizabeth Moore
Manager of      Jason Jankowski
Academic Programs
609-837-2900 x2912
Research Analyst      Elizabeth Moore


Rutgers at Brookdale Community College

Joseph Walsh Susan Schmidt
Manager of      Joseph Walsh
Academic Programs
Student Counselor    Joseph Walsh


Rutgers at Mercer County Community College

Rutgers at County College of Morris

Katherine Birckmayer Tara Wuorinen
Manager of  Katherine Birkmayer
Academic Programs
Manager ofTara Wuorinen's picture
Academic Programs

Rutgers at Raritan Valley Community College


Judith Grausso  
Manager of  Judith Grausso
Academic Programs
908-526-1200 x8986